Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What do you wish to experience?

Today Jamie Ridler asks, "What do you wish to experience?"  I gave this some real thought, but to be honest, my response could have been very different.  Not necessarily superficial, but not something that I truly need to experience in my life.  Let me tell you what happened.  Last September I came home from work to find that my home had been burglarized.  I live in the suburbs where it’s safe. Hey, I’ve lived in this area all my life.  It’s quiet, probably dull, and I have never felt fearful.  Until now.  Now every car that slows or stops in front of my home is suspect, as are the joggers, bicycle riders, and random noises—squeaks and creaks that any 50 year old house might make.  I am afraid and have been since the police left my house 11 months ago.   My fear isn’t as intense as it was, but it is with me every day.  My wish is to once again experience the feeling of being safe in one’s own space. 

Ok, I’d like to experience a live workshop with Flora Bowley too!  There’s one in Wisconsin, which isn’t too far from me coming up this fall, but it’s sold out and I’m on the wait list.  I’d love to get in!  By the way, Jamie just interviewed Flora on her podcast!  Thanks Jamie!