Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking beyond the obvious

I haven't posted in some time now. There are many reasons why--with feeling overwhelmed topping the list, but I'm trying to move beyond all that and just reconnect with my blog, my "art" and my yoga practice. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to just keep things simple and realizing that it's an ongoing effort.
I was playing with creating background pages in my art journal sometime ago using mainly paint, gesso and duct tape, which really is a lot of fun, and when I looked back at the pages recently, I noticed the shadow of a hairline peeking out at me. A few strokes of my charcoal pencil and a face was born! I still have work to do on this drawing, but I thought I would share my lesson of how looking beyond the obvious can yield an entirely new vi son of something. Not a new insight, but one worth mulling over every once in awhile!