Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art Every Day? Not Even Close

I began this month with excitement in my heart and a paint brush in my hand, and while the desire still lives in my heart, my hand is empty of the brush. There are reasons. There are excuses. What makes me sad is that time is passing and I'm letting it slip away from me. I am watching it pass, bound by some unknown part of my personality that will not let me make my mark--both literally and figuratively.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mad For Modigliani in November

It's November--woo-hoo--and aside from the fact that this is my favorite month of the year it is also art every day month and I have promised to give myself the gift of art every single day!
I adore Modigliani, and his "Pierrot" was my first experience exploring pastels. Yes, it has issues, yes, it was a struggle, but that's OK. Most of my work has issues right now. It's all about learning for me--practice, practice, practice. Perhaps I'll try "Pierrot" in paint tonight.